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Pull Yourself Together - PART 4...

The essential hours you invest now on Goal Setting and how to reach your goals will prove fruitful in keeping you on the road to success. Students seldom enjoy homework; day to day results reflect the effort.

Sign up with a reputable business coach. I believe the experience will bring you a greater return than any other investment. The contract cost may feel hefty - start right instead of starting wrong, follow the plan and you’ll avoid the pitfalls and hazards. Commit your goals to writing – post reminders on the wall to keep yourself on track!

Other aspects of realistic goal setting are budgeting and forecasting, personal time scheduling, time awareness and disbursements tracking. If, for example, you kept track of how many hours in a usual day you check your e-mail, how many breaks you take away from the desk, or how many personal calls you receive – it will boggle your mind!

Take out a calendar and set aside two hours in the morning for business calls. Use a highlighter for emphasis. It’s important to stick to that routine every business day without deviating. Do nothing else. Enter a follow up date for each call in your computer/phone and in a Daily Planner.

Use a Time Awareness Tracker to enter your activities – it’s a tedious process but you’ll quickly see where you can tighten up frittering your time away. Time is money – how much money do you think you’re worth on an hourly basis? Did you earn it today or spend it unwisely.

For every project or client, create a Disbursements tracker. You can use an Excel format and it’s simply a matter of regimentation to enter every cost you’ve paid out for that file. Write on the back of your paper receipts when you take a client to lunch for example – that’s a cost to you. Advertising, mileage, meeting times at your personal “rate per hour”, promotion or any other out of pocket or credit card expenses. Keep a running total so you know how much you’ve invested.

Schedule a time to review your disbursements; do it regularly. When your outgo exceeds your income then your upkeep will be your downfall.


~ Sherry Rondeau

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